Minus' Solution to

Who's Lying?
Posted July 1 - 7, 1996

If General Numeral's statement was true, then he would have solved at least 10,000 math problems, but then Lady Elaine's statement would also have to be true, since she said that he solved at least one. So General Numeral's statement is false.

If Lady Elaine's statement is true, then General Numeral would have solved at least one problem. But then either Sir Lancelot's statement or General Numeral's statement would have to be true, since the number of math problems solved would either 10,000 or more problems (in which case General Numeral's statement would also be true), or less than 10,000 (in which case Sir Lancelot's statement would also be true.

If Sir Lancelot's statement is true, then it is possible for both General Numeral's statement and Lady Elaine's statement to be false, if the General had actually solved no math problems.

Unfortunately, there were no correct solutions this week.
Both Joseph Samuel Stewart [joest@flash.net]
and Harpreet [gsaran@direct.ca] thought that
General Numeral had solved at least one problem.

We liked the effort, but Minus' fickle palette rejected it.
Oh, well, maybe next week!