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Which Pig is Which?
Posted July 8 - 14, 1996

One statement is true, and one statement is false.

If the older pig's statement is true, then the younger pig's statement is also true, so the older pig's statement cannot be correct.

If the younger pig's statement, "He helped do it" is true, the older pig's statement, "We all did it" can be false. Since we know one of these pigs always lies, it must be the older pig who lies.

The older pig is Swindia. The middle pig is Porcina.

Your Solutions

Reggie Vito [reggie@loire.rose.hp.com] impressed Minus with his thorough and complete solution:

Swindia is the older sister and Porcina is the younger one.

The only other possible solution is Porcina being the older one, the saint, and Swindia being the younger one, the liar. This is impossible because if Porcina told the truth, then all of them did do it. If Swindia lied, then Hogan didn't help do it, which makes Porcina out to be a liar.

But if the situation is reversed, then the older sister Swindia would be lying, which implies that not all of them did it. Porcina's accusation of Hogan would make the situation possible this time.

Swindia, being the oldest, sure doesn't set a good example for her younger sister! :)

Brain Boy [BBNate@wow.com] gave Minus his solution and reason:
The younger pig is Porcina. The older pig is Swindia.

If the older pig was Porcina, then both statements would be true, but Swindia is a liar.

Thanks, Reggie and Brian!
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