Minus' Solution to

The Wizard's Emotion Potion
Posted July 22 - 28, 1996

Wendell poured one litre into the cauldron. Then he added 2/7 of a litre and 2/8 of a litre, which he could do by looking at the division lines on the two bottles.

2/7 + 2/8 = (16 + 14)/56 = 30/56 = 15/28 liters of wine, added to the one litre already poured in. The potion was completed, and Wendell happily went on to marry the lovely witch Wilhelmina.

Your Solutions

James Watkins [jwatkins@privateI.com] is this week's master chef for submitting this perfect dish:

Fill either bottle all the way up with wine, and pour it in. Then fill the bottle that measures by sevenths two lines up from the bottom, and fill the other bottle two lines up from the bottom and pour them both in.

Much appreciated, James!
Minus couldn't have been happier.