Minus' Solution to

Wanna Sit Next to Me?
Posted August 5 - 11, 1996

Quincy could not be sitting next to Peter, and he could not be sitting next to Thomas. He had to be sitting between Rachel and Susan.

As an additional note, given the seating R-Q-S, Peter would have to sit next to Rachel (since Susan refused to sit next to Peter), and Thomas would sit next to Peter.
The seating would be T-P-R-Q-S, which would look like this: Of course, the table can be rotated.

Your Solutions

One of Minus' favourite feeders, Brain Boy [BBNate@wow.com], submitted this simple answer and told us how he got it:

Obviously, Quincy sits by Rachel and Susan. I only needed to know the first and last clues!

John Edward Religa [jreliga@magmacom.com] of Gloucester, Ontario, also knew the right answer:

Quincy ended up sitting between Rachel and Susan.

Much appreciated, gentlemen.
Minus is going to have to give
you something more challenging...