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Dodos for Donald
Posted September 16 - 22, 1996

Karen immediately realizes that 100 is the smallest possible 3-digit number.

Donald's number is 90, which is divisible by both 15 and 45, and is also 10 less than 100. But why would Donald want to join anyways?

Your Solutions

Michelle [MichelleH@sisna.com] was very confident with her answer, and rightly so:

The answer to "Dodos for Donald" is 90. I get this answer because it is 10 less than the smallest 3 digit number, which is 100. I can check this answer by:
	90 divided by 15 = 6
	90 divided by 45 = 2

Jim Porterfield [jporterf@golden.net] submitted this solution and his reasoning:

Donald"s number is 90. Karen's number is 100. 100 is the smallest 3-digit number and 90 can be divided by 15 and 45 and is 10 less than Karens.

Michael Bayliss [baylissm@ccgs.wa.edu.au] and his class in Australia sent Minus this morsel. We're glad we didn't mess you up this time.

Karen's answer is 100. Donald's answer will be 90. So yes, there is a hope of Donald getting into the club.

Matt Brueggemann's teacher sent in this answer on his behalf:

He (Matt) has determined that the number Donald needs to find is 90.

Trevor L. Wilson [gdaymate@iceonline.com] wanted to let us know that the question was easy enough for even a highschool drop-out:

The answer is 90...cause this high school drop out says so! Hope I'm corrreeeeccctttt!

P.S. karen has to find the #100. Love ya! Bye!

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