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Posted September 30 - October 6, 1996

For the first dial, Edward has to turn it to 18, since that is the largest number which is even.

For the second dial, Edward has to turn it to (9 + 1) = 10, since half of 18 is 9.

For the third dial, Edward has to turn it to 2.

Edward does this, and the giant door falls open, practically crushing Edward before he nimbly steps out of the way. He sees a giant book inside, and opens it.

HA, HA. Fooled you!

Edward takes a closer look at the golden safe and realizes that it is actually brass. Thus, he replaces everything in hopes that the next jungle explorer will be similarly fooled.

Your Solutions

Minus can always count on Christian Tawfik [a9504526@unet.univie.ac.at] for the right solution:

1. 18
2. 18/2 + 1 = 10
3. 10/5 = 2
have a good time
chris :-))

Thirteen-year-old, Chia Wan Fen, [ferny@rgs.edu.sg] of Singapore didn't have any problem with Minus' teaser:

First dial:18
Second dial:10
Third dial:2

Scott Cush of Calgary, Alberta fed our hungry mascot this perfect solution and his prediction:

Largest even number on the first dial is = 18
Second number is half the first number plus 1 = 10
Third number is one fifth the 2 second number = 2

With this combination he should be able to crack the code and claim his prize.

The Given's [Stephen_Given@bc.sympatico.ca] also came up with the right answer: 

First dial:18
Second dial:10
Third dial:2

Bravo! to all Math Challenge participants.
We're putting Minus on an exercise regimen
to work off that excess shark fat.