Minus' Solution to

Get Out, You're Too Heavy
Posted November 18 - 24, 1996

Wynken weighs 120 x 2.2 = 264 pounds
Blinken weighs 1.2(264) = 316.8 pounds
Nod weighs (0.75)(264) = 198 pounds

Wynken + Nod + supplies = 462 + 30 = 492 pounds, so that will be less than capacity.

The boat could not hold Wynken, Blinken and supplies, since the total poundage would be 610.8 pounds. Way too heavy...

Your Solutions

The dynamic trio of Nicholas McNaughton, Jeremy Birch and Michael Sharp of Christ Church Grammer School in Perth, Australia have ascended to Master Chefs by cooking up this solution:

Dear Minus the Mathematical Shark,

I think that Wynken, Blinken and Nod are all a little overweight and probably should have bought a larger boat. Unfortunately Wynken and Blinken are too heavy for the little boat and the supplies. Blinken is the heavier of the three and therefore will have to stay ashore while Nod, Wynken and the trusty supplies have a holiday.

My group completed this problem by doing this:
120kg x 2.2 = 264 pound for Wynken
1.2 x 264 = 316.8 pounds for Blinken
264 x 0.75 = 198 pounds for Nod

Therefore Wynken and Blinken are too heavy while Winken and Nod are not.

Catch you in the shark free fishing nets,

Robert House, of CCGS, explained the key step in finding the solution to this week's question:

I have worked out that the boat can hold Nod, Wynken and the supplies. We converted all the kilograms into pounds, this made it possible to work out the answer.

Arthur Jacobitti [artjac@worldnet.att.net] recognized the culprit and offered a diet plan for Blinken. Move over Jenny Craig, Arthur's quick slim-plan is a killer...

Throw out Blinken--or his lunch basket, or do liposuction on him using the shark as a slimming tool.

News Flash...
Minus and Blinken have both
joined a weight reduction plan.
Stay tune and find out who survives...