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Bridal Blues
Posted Nov 25 - Dec 1, 1996

Since Angela must be a bridesmaid (it's Karen's wedding after all), Cathy must be a bridesmaid also.

Brenda cannot be a bridesmaid, since Angela is.

Dana cannot be a bridesmaid, since Brenda isn't.

Frances will be a bridesmaid, if Brenda isn't, so Frances must be a bridesmaid.

Gudrun will be a bridesmaid if Angela is, so Gudrun will be a bridesmaid.

Elsie cannot be a bridesmaid, since she would exceed her own magic limit of four.

The four bridesmaids are Angela, Cathy, Frances, and Gudrun.

Your Solutions

Debbie Gamache [gamache@edge.net] reasoned it out and came up with this perfect solution:

Since Angela is going to be a bridesmaid, then Cathy automatically also will be a bridesmaid. Brenda won't participate since Angela is going to be a bridesmaid, which means that Dana also won't be a bridesmaid as she will only participate if Brenda is included. Frances will be included because Brenda will not be. Gundrun will be a bridesmaid since Angela is included. Elsie will not be a bridesmaid as she will not participate unless there are no more than four and she would be the fifth.

The four bridesmaids are Angela, Cathy, Frances, and Gudrun.

Felicity Pearce at St. Hilda's in Western Australia sent Minus this colorful explanation of the motivation behind each potential bridesmaid:

Karen gets four bridesmaids - Angela, Cathy, Frances and Gudrun. Brenda, Dana and Elsie won't be bridesmaids because Brenda has a longstanding fued with Angela (which I personally think she should put aside for her friend's wedding). Dana is a wet blanket and needs Brenda and Cathy's support and they both won't be there. Elsie wants to steal the limelight and will only be a bridesmaid if only three others are. My advice to Karen is to get some new friends.

Sarah Outhwaite and Ros Jack, also of St. Hilda's School, offered Minus this simple, but effective answer:

The bridesmaid that Karen can have so her wedding runs smoothly are Angela, Cathy, Frances and Gudren. Brenda, Dana and Elsie can not be bridesmaids. Therefore there can only be 4 bridesmaids.

Our most, uh...unusual, explanation of events came from Naomi "Stallone" and Clara "Swartzenager" at St. Hilda's:

The bridesmaids are Gudrun, Angela, Cathy, Frances.
She pulled out a shot gun and pointed at her friends and it missed these people so 4 were bridesmaids.

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Thank you, ladies, for your solutions.
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