math challenge

Week of May 12 - 18, 1997

The I-Ball Tournament

Seven teams, whose members have developed a new sport called I-Ball, have come together for a tournament from far and wide:

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, and Germany

In the first round, one team is the odd team out, since there is no team to pair it with. The winners from the first round, plus the odd team out, go on to the second round. There were no ties.

The two winners from the second round go on to the championship game.
Germany is one of the teams to go on to the championship.
Ethiopia lost in the first round.
Denmark is the team that didn't get to play in the first round.
Australia won their first game.
Germany played their first game against Belgium.
Germany played their second game against Canada.
Australia lost one game of those it played.
Denmark won at least one game.

Which two teams played the final championship game?

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