math challenge

Weeks of June 15 - 28, 1998

Many Mobiles for Minnie

Minnie wanted to purchase a new yellow car. There were 500 Mathmobiles and another 300 GeoMobiles on a lot she visited.

25% of each type were white.
15% of each type were blue.
10% of each type were black.
8% of each type were red.

The remainder were either yellow, purple, or a snazzy psychedelic design. 16 Mathmobiles were purple, but none of the Geomobiles were purple. The rest of the cars were painted psychedelic or yellow.

Twice as many Mathmobiles were painted in a psychedelic design as were painted yellow. And twice as many Geomobiles were painted yellow as were painted psychedelic.

Whew! Given all this information, how many yellow Mathmobiles and how many yellow Geomobiles can Minnie choose from?

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