Minus' Solution to

Switch Seats with Me?
Posted June 2 - 8, 1997

The quickest way is to have B and E switch places.

Your Solutions

Bec and Katie, from St. Hilda's in Western Australia, pointed out to us that our ol'mascot made a mistake in his original question. Looks like Minus really needs a vacation...

B and E swap seats. This is possible if there IS a mistake and the setence actually reads: F wants to remain seated next to A, not E wants to remain... The final seating arrangement reads: A,E,C,D,B,F.

This interesting, but somewhat depressing, story was submitted by Libbi and Hope at St. Hilda's. Gee...B is a real bum isn't he?!!

A gathering of friends is , according to B, the perfect place to dump his girl, C. When B feels the time is right, he dumps C, totally humiliating her. A feels for her best friend and refuses to sit next to C's ex-boyfriend. D, needing to express her heart felt sympathy, insists on sitting next to C to comfort her. B, feeling rejected, changes places with Therefore, the final seating arrangement (clockwise) is A,E,C,D,B,F, with the only change being the swapping of B and E.

Jessica Carrier, Sarah Beaman, and Wenjing Zhuang of the St. Hilda's Solvers cooked up a storm with this main course dish. We're not sure what "tucker" means. Any takers?

Amy, Beth, Crystal, Debbie, Elizabeth, and Fran were all celebrating Debbie's birthday in a very posh restaurant. They all had a friend there. But when Amy and Beth,and Crystal and Beth were seated together, disagreements occured. So they decided to change seats. Crystal was Debbie's best friend and since it was Debbie's party, they decided to remain seated next to each other. So the girls decided that if Beth and Elizabeth swapped, everybody would be satisfied. Hope you find it good tucker!

Some students from Heritage Elementary School in Manitoba delighted Minus' palate with their clean and crisp explanation.

Since A and C don't want to sit beside B, B changes places with E. Now D is still beside C. E is beside A where he wants to be. The order is now (clockwise) A, E, C, D, B, and then F.

Candice from M.L.C. (somehow associated with Notre Dame University?) wasn't fooled by the question. She saw right away how to make a dud into a delectable dish.

Hi Minus! Here is a tantalizing banquet for you to indulge yourself in.

I recognised straight away that the solution is simple!!!! E and B swap places!!! That satisfies everyones preferences. Another good thing is that B will have a chance to make friends with people who may actually come to like him/her! You end up with A at the top, then B, C, D, E, F. And only two people have to swap. Bon apetite!

Eleven-year old David Mckechnie provided a scrumptious side-dish for our fussy pot...

My answer to the Fussy Potts is simple. Switch Fussy Potts E and B with each other and everyone will be jolly good.

Uma Gummadavelli's brief, but precise, explanation does the job handsomely. 

My answer is B moves to E's place, so that was the quickest way to satify everyones requirements. The final arangments are A is at the top then going clockwise is E after that is C then D then B and finally F.

To round out the meal, Minus decided to include a solution from Mat James of Perth, Western Australia. We're not sure why, but he and a few of his classmates were obsessed with boogers. Well, to each his own! 

Because "B" who we will call boogieman had a piece of boogie coming out of his nose "a" and "c" didn't wan't to sit next to him. The easiest swap is to have "b" and "e" swap positions.

Minus really had his fill for the week. What he couldn't eat, we covered in plastic wrap for his midnight snack. So, here's to all of you who supplied shark biscuits...

Victoria Pearce from St. Hilda's AGS Perth, Western Australia
Krishnamoorthy [krishnam@interlynx.net]
Susannah Kingsbury from St. Hilda's
Stevo and Crakers (a couple of twisted minds)
Ian Mckerracher (who likes leather jocks?)
Jesse and Lib from St. Hilda's
Annika and Naomi from St. Hilda's
Cindy and Divya from St. Hilda's
Clara and Ivana from St. Hilda's
Kylie Jack from St. Hilda's
Amy and Lin from St. Hilda's
Emily and Anne-marie from St. Hilda's

Minus is going to check into
Over-eaters Anonymous for the week.
Wish him luck...