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Seeing Red
Posted June 23 - 29, 1997

Tammy has 26 black cards, and 13 red cards. Therefore, she has 3 red face cards (from the diamonds suit).

The odds are 3/39 = 1/13 that the card was a red face card.

The odds are 13/39 = 1/3 that the card drawn was red.

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If she takes out all hearts, that leaves her with 39 cards. If you divide that by the three face cards.You get a 1 in 13 chance of geting a red face card.

If you divide 39 cards by 13 red cards left.You get a 1 in 3 chance of geting a red card

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Hello Minus!!!
I'd like to say firstly that Tammy should not be moping around the house after breaking up with her boyfriend. She should get on with her life!!! But we are going to give you our answer anyway.

So if she took out the hearts suit there would be 39 cards left. 26 of these will be black and 13 will be red. So there is a one in three chance of getting a red card. There are three facecards in each suit left so 9 out of 39 cards are facecards, 3 of these are red so the chances are 1 in 13 that you'd get a red face card.

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To Minus the Shark,

In a deck of 52 cards there are 13 cards in the heart suit, so Tammy would've been left with 39 cards in her deck - 26 of them black and 13 of them red.

This means she only had a 13(because there are 13 red cards in the pack) out of 39(because there is a total of 39 cards) chance of pulling out a red card. This can be simplified to a 1 out of 3 chance of getting a red card. And, as there are only three red face cards(the King, Queen and Jack of diamonds) she only had a 3(because there are 3 red face cards) out of 39 chance of pulling out a red face card, which is simplified as 1 out of 13.

So Tammy had a 1/3 chance of pulling out a red card, and only a 1/13 chance of pulling out a red face card(and this is all because of her mean boyfriend who probably didn't know how heartbroken she was).

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When Tammy removes all the heart cards, it leaves the deck with 39 cards, 1/3 being diamonds, 1/3 being spades, and third being clubs. Which means that 2/3 are black and 1/3 are red.

The chances of Tammy drawing a red face card is 1/13, as there are 3 red face cards from a possible 39, so 1/13.

The chance of Tammy drawing a red card is 1/3 as 1/3 of the cards are red.

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Tammy picked up a standard 52-card deck. Therefore there were 13 cards in each suit because 52 divided by four is 13.

If Tammy took out the hearts, there were 39 cards left because 52 minus 13 equals 39. The only reds left were the diamonds hence 13 reds were left out of 39. The probability of getting a red was 1 out of 3. As there were only three red faces left, the probability of getting a red face was 1 out of 13.

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Tammy takes a 52 card deck. she removes all the hearts, so there are 39 cards left. the odds of dealing a red picture card are 1 to 13. 39 cards in total and 3 red face cards (diamonds). The odds of dealing herself a red card are 1 to 3. 39 cards left, 13 red cards.

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