Minus' Solution to

The Great Cyber Race-Car Crash
Posted July 28 - August 3, 1997

A circle is 360 degrees.
Kirstin has to travel 315 degrees around the circle.
Perry has to travel 45 degrees around the circle.
Carrie has to travel 135 degrees around the circle.

Kirstin travels 315 degrees at 100 km/hour in the same time that Perry travels 45 degrees and Carrie travels 135 degrees.

Perry travels at a speed of (45/315)*100 = 14 2/7 km/hour ~ 14.3 km/hour

Carrie travels three times the distance, so her speed is 42 6/7 km/hour ~ 42.9 km/hour

Your Solutions

The Great HaL0N is back with yet another beautiful dish to present to our fuss-pot mascot. You're going to have to tell us where you learned to cook like this, HaL0N! Minus is starting to refuse to eat anyone else's cooking after this.

Solution to The Great Cyber Race-Car Crash Problem (brought to you by HaL0N):

Assuming that the track is a perfect circle, one complete circuit is 360 degrees.  Kirstin, Perry, and Carrie all drive through a certain fraction of the racetrack.  Kirstin travels clockwise from "X" to "Z" during her first circuit, a total of 315 degrees.  Perry also travels from "X" to "Z", but in a counter-clockwise fashion.  He travels 45 degrees.  Carrie travels clockwise from "Y" to "Z", a total of 135 degrees.

Since Kirstin's speed is already known (100 km/hour), a simple ratio can be used to determince Perry's and Carrie's respective speeds.  This ratio is:

                       315      45     135
                       ---  =  ----  = ---
                       100      p       c

'p' denotes Perry's speed and 'c' denotes Carrie's speed.  After some simple multiplication and division, we find that Perry was going 14.29 km/hour and Carrie was going 42.86 km/hour.

Although the e-mail came with Robert's name, we figured it had to be Adrian Gianatti who cooked up this little side-dish--with a few extra numbers to crunch through. (Round-off...)
Perry travels at 14.285714 km/h and Carrie travels at 42.857143 km/h

Thanks goes to this week's gourmet chefs.
Minus' fickle palate was tickled pink!