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Wonky Ball, anyone?
Posted Weeks of January 5 - 18, 1998

To get the reds:
Billy throws the first white ball to Yolanda. Yolanda throws the ball to Ursula, since she can't throw it to Gary (since it would turn green). Ursula throws the ball to Sally. Sally throws the ball to Randy, who turns it red.

Repeat with one more ball. For each red, that is four throws, or 8 altogether.

To get the yellows:
Billy throws a ball to Yolanda, who turns it yellow. Repeat for the remaining ball. That is 2 throws altogether for the yellow balls.

Altogether, there are 10 throws.

Your Solutions

Mandy P., in Vancouver, Canada, forgot to tell us about the yellow balls. Nevertheless, Minus enjoyed nibbling on her well-composed solution for his meal-opener. So, here it is...Mandy's "appetizing" answer.

Billy can pass all four balls to Yolanda. Then, she can pass two balls to Ursula since Yolanda can't pass the balls to Gary. Then, Ursula will pass the two balls to Sally and she will pass the balls to Randy. Total is ten passes.

Ruizzzzzzz@aol.com is this week's feature chef. Ruizzzzzzz stayed awake long enough to whip-up this yummy solution for all to enjoy. Now if only he/she would tell us what "Ruizzzzzz" means?!
Billy throws the ball to Yolanda. Yolanda throws the ball to Ursula. Ursula throws the ball to Sally. Sally throws the ball to Randy. That turns the ball red.

Billy throws the ball to Yolanda. That should turn the ball yellow. To turn the ball red again, repeat the first step. To turn the ball yellow again, repeat step two. This should turn two of the balls red, and two of the balls yellow.

Joanne Bromley from Geelong in Victoria, Australia, didn't tell us how she arrived at the solution--just that she did. Oh well, it's good enough for a hungry math shark.
The answer is ten.

A big, wet shark kiss goes out to
all of this week's determined chefs.

Poor Minus is learning that tricky
questions don't put "food" on the table.
(so to speak)