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Boogie Bugs
Posted Weeks of February 2 - 15, 1998

The distance travelled for Couple #1 is 10 cm for each side, and approximately 14.14 cm for each diagonal. The total is approximately 48.28 cm, so Couple #1 takes about 9.66 seconds.

The distance travelled for Couple #2 is 16 cm for each side, and approximately 22.627 cm for each diagonal, for a total of approximately 77.25 cm. Ant #2 will take about 7.73 seconds.

To the nearest second, Couple #2 finishes first by 2 seconds.

Your Solutions

Team L.P.S., at Kaleen Primary School in Australia, came through as this week's top chefs. They showed us how to whip-up a filling meal for our fickle friend--in very fine detail.

#1= 48cm

#2= 76.8cm





Couple #2 won by 1.92 seconds

Alexandra Rowell, in Western Australia, offered Minus this interesting dish of calculations. She must know how much Minus loves to crunch numbers. Chomp!
Couple 1         10cms + 10cms + (10*~2.282) = 48.3\5 = 9.66

Couple 2         16cms + 16cms+(16*~2.282) = 77.248\10 =7.7248

Couple 2 by 1.9352seconds

Vloney@northcom.net sent our water-bound mascot this morsel. Minus felt it offered the same satisfaction as those cute, little after-dinner mints.
According to my calculations, Couple #2 will finish first by 1.96 seconds.

Kudos to all our featured feeders.
Keep chopping, dicing, and
sautéing those numbers!