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Mix & Match Musicians
Posted April 7 - 13, 1997

Davy must play drums, and lives in a tent.
Arnie plays the trumpet, and lives in an RV.
Callie plays the fiddle, and does not live in a house.
Barney must play the piano, and he does not live in an apartment.

You can then deduce:
Callie plays the fiddle, and lives in an apartment.
Barney plays the piano, and lives in a house.

Your Solutions

Among Minus' tasty morsels this week was this simple, but effective, chart from Chastidy Willis [gringo@prtc.net]. We were told that Chastidy is from P.R., but we weren't sure what the initials stood for. Prince Rupert? Public Relations? ;-)

Arnie    house:  RV
         instrument: trumpet

Barney   house:  house
         instrument: piano

Callie   house:  apartment
         instrument: fiddle

Davy     house: tent
         instrument: drums

Candice (a.k.a. Candy) from Methodist Ladies' College delighted Minus with her thorough and precise, "main-course" solution. She also raised a good point...What exactly is an R.V.? Well, Candy, in North America, people purchase these fairly large "cabins on wheels" and tow them around for fun. We don't really know why, but supposedly they call them Recreation Vehicles.

Through process of elimination I was able to find that Davy plays the drums and Barney plays the piano. I already knew that Callie played the fiddle and Arnie played the trumpet. (Why should the girl be left with the extraordinary instrument!) It also says that the musician who plays the trumpet lives in an RV. So Arnie must live in an RV.

Now I have worked out the easy part-the instruments for the musicians, I just have the hard part left. Working out thier accomodation arrangements.

I used a TABLE for this. (No, don't expect to find food around!!!!!!) (We already know Davy lives in a tent and Arnie lives in an RV.) How strange!!!! A caravan would be more normal although I don't mind originality.

After looking at my table I found that the information just jumped out at me and it is pretty obvious that Callie lives in an apartment and Barney lives in a house.

My Conclusion is: Callie plays the fiddle and lives in an apartment. Arnie plays the trumpet and lives in an RV. Barney plays the piano and lives in a house. Davy plays the drums and lives in a tent.

P.S. What is an RV anyway?

Stephanie Zou is applying for the position of "Speediest Chef". She came up with a solution in 3 minutes flat. Gee, Minus can't even slap together a peanut-butter and banana sandwich in three minutes. You got a job, girl!

Musicians	Instrument	Dwelling

Arnie		Trumpet		RV

Barney		Piano		House

Callie		Fiddle		Apartment

Davy		Drums		Tent

Finished this problem in 3 minutes. I am telling you the truth. I cross
my heart.

Don Rogers [rogersmktg@earthlink.net] proved to Minus that there is a certain art (and beauty?) to brevity.

Callie plays the fiddle and lives in the apartment.
Davy plays the drums and lives in the tent.
Arnie lives in the RV and plays the trumpet.
Barney plays the piano and lives in the house.

Krystal Glaze, from Robert Smalls Middle School in Beaufort, SC, provided a small tale for Minus' dinner-time entertainment. Minus was very sympathetic towards Arnie's plight. He was a big air-guitar player until Mom and Dad shark booted him out, too.

Arnie's parents got tired of hearing the trumpet. So, they kicked him out and he now lives in an RV.

Barney's mother loves hearing the piano. So even though he is 30, Barney still lives in the house with his mother.

Callie lives in an apartment and pays her rent by playing the fiddle on a corner of her street.

Davy is dirt poor and lives in a tent. I guess his playing the drums was bothering his parents, too.

Kendrea Hodges, also from Robert Smalls Middle School, proved that there is indeed a useful application for "Tic-Tac-Toe". Bravo, Kendrea! Minus' tastebuds are tingling with flavour, flavour!
In Mix and Match Musicians, the answers are:
Arnie lives in a RV and plays a trumpet, Barney lives in a house and plays the piano, Callie lives in an apartment and plays a fiddle, and Davy lives in a tent and plays the drums.

The way I came to this is with a logic box. I made a 8 by 12 grid and on the outside I put the houses and instruments across. The people, houses and instruments down. Every time there was a clue, I marked it in a box that it matches up with. After that, I did clues that went together such as Davy does not play the piano and Davy lives in a tent. That means the piano player does not live in a tent. At the end, I had a 8 by 4 rectangle filled with "x"s for not and "O"s for having a match. That gave me the answer.

Our math mascot wanted to recognize a few other feeders this week. He really wanted to post all of your solutions, but he ran out of room in his fat belly...

The whiz kids from Patricia Field's 7th Grade Math Classes at Robert Smalls Middle School:
Joe Smith
Katrina Powell
Lacala Moore
Maticka Watson
Kerri Danner
Telia Herndon

Mike Courtney [studen14@huroned.edu.on.ca]

J. Chappy [Chappy@worldnet.att.net]

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