Minus' Solution to

Wilderness Adventure
Posted April 29 - May 5, 1996

Gary, Henry, Irving, and Jay are setting forth on a wilderness adventure. They must travel in groups of two. Irving and Jay do not get along and refuse to be in a pair together. How many different combinations of pairs can there be, and what are they?

Combination #1
Gary, Irving
Henry, Jay

Combination #2
Gary, Jay
Henry, Irving
Gary and Henry cannot be in a pair together, since then Irving and Jay would have to be in a pair.

Thus, there are 2 different combinations of pairs.

Your Solutions

Bernard V Liengme(bliengme@juliet.stfx.ca) fed Minus this short, but sweet answer:

Two possible groupings:
a) Irving/Gary and Jay/Henry
b) Irving/Henry and Jay/Gary

Thanks, Bernard, for satisfying Minus' sweet-tooth!