Any questions about News DEN?

News DEN makes "the news" more interesting.

News DEN guides students through a variety of current events topics, inviting them to use innovative learning tools not found in the newspaper or on television.

Each week, we will feature three news stories: one local event, one national event and one international event. Along with these stories, we will present:

Terms used in the story

Some NewsDEN students will probably know most of the terms used in our weekly stories -- but for those who don't, we have included a little help. This help not only allows you to gain a fuller understanding of NewsDEN stories, but it also allows you to improve your vocabulary.

As you read through NewsDEN stories, you can click on the coloured, underlined words to find out what they mean. This will link you directly to the definition, which is found on the More Info page. When you are finished reading the definition, click on your browser's Back button to return to the story.

NewsDEN maps

The purpose of NewsDEN maps is to show you the location of the events in our news stories.

For our world news stories, we'll show you where in the world you can find the country featured in the world news story of the week. You'll see a black map of the world with a red star that shows you where the country is. Beside each map you will find some basic information about the country. Our international map page also includes a link to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) 1995 Country Factbook, which features detailed statistics and information on most of the world's countries. The factbook also contains a close-up map of each country.

For our local news stories and Canadian news stories, our maps may be a little different each week, depending on the story. We'll show you where the story events took place and will give you more information about the location.

Story At-A-Glance - Topic overview

The NewsDEN topic overview is like a small "picture-package" of information that shows you the major issues raised in a news story. The basic facts of the story are laid out in a chart, table or graph, providing a simple way of looking at complex issues. For example, we may show you arguments for and against a particular idea or some causes and effects of a news event. The purpose of the topic overview is to take the core of the story and present it on its own -- without the longer, full-sentence explanations provided in the story.

When you are able to point out the key issues of a story, you will find it easier to examine the many smaller and more complex issues involved. If you can get into the habit of taking an entire story and pulling out the key points, you'll also find that you have a clearer understanding of all news stories.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

"Have Your Say"

What do you think about the issues raised in NewsDEN? Do you have something you'd like to say about our stories? Do you have any information to add? Have you found any must-see links that will shed more light on a particular news topic? Then why don't you "Have Your Say" in our students' discussion group?

With each NewsDEN story, we will present you with a thought-provoking question to answer and debate with other NewsDEN members. As well, if you would like to discuss something else with your fellow NewsDEN "cyber-classmates," it's easy to raise a new question. Then you can "Have Your Say" in as many debates and discussions as you like. And if you think of something else you'd like to add to a particular discussion -- but you can't remember exactly which discussion it is -- we have made it easy for you to find your way using our new search function.

So -- check it out...

Making Headlines

A headline is the reader's first view of a news story. Many people who read the news decide which stories to read after a quick look at the headlines. Even a slight change to a headline can make a big difference to its meaning. Let's see how you can change the meaning of this week's headline. Just enter your text into the text box and it will be posted with all other headline submissions.

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