math challenge

Week of December 2 - 8, 1996

Time Flys in Pacifindiana

Tired of politics and high taxes, a group of intrepid adventurers formed a country called "Pacifindiana" beneath the sea.

Because the traditional calendar reminded them too much of home, they formed their own.

The adventurers couldn't do much about the lengths of the years. They also decided to keep the same months, with the same number of days.

However, they decided there would be 3 days in a week, instead of the usual 7. These days were called Amethyst, Beryl, and Crystal and proceeded each other in this order -- ABCABCABC, etc.

Amethyst and Beryl were working days, while Crystal was to be a day of rest and relaxation.

If March 1, 2002 was an Amethyst, will April 3, 2002 be a day of work or relaxation?

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