Minus' Solution to

The Reindeer Challenge
Posted December 16 - 22, 1996

(1,000,000,000)/20,000 = 50,000 seconds.

There are 3600 seconds in an hour, so the deliveries will take about (50000/3600) = 13.9 hours, which is about 14 hours. (Santa and his reindeer need some time to wolf down the milk and cookies.)

Of course, three of the reindeer solved the problem simultaneously, leaving Santa no better off than before. Now they're arguing about who's really the smartest.

Your Solutions

Ailien Chen [chen@ak.planet.gen.nz] offered Minus this delightfully thorough solution. Minus put in a good word with Santa for you [wink].

Howdy, Minus

1 billion = 1,000,000,000
1,000,000,000 divided by 20,000 = 50,000 (seconds)
50,000 seconds means that Santa needs a total of 50,000 seconds to visit 1 billion homes on Christmas Eve.
50,000 seconds = 833.33333 minutes
833.33333 minutes = 13.88888889 hours
13.88888889 hours rounded to the nearest hour is 14 hours.
So it'll take Santa and his reindeers approximately 14 hours to complete the deliveries on Christmas Eve.

SENG [dsenger@bank-banque-canada.ca] contributed to Minus' midnight snack with his answer. No solution, but our mascot hasn't been a picky eater lately.

It will take 14 hours.

Thanks, everyone, for cooking
up a nice, warm holiday meal for Minus.
He's crashed out on the couch now...