math challenge

Week of July 28 - August 3, 1997

The Great Cyber Race-Car Crash

Kirstin, Carrie, and Perry each have cyber race-cars.

Kirstin starts at point "X" on the circular track going clockwise.

Perry starts at point "X" going counter-clockwise.

Carrie starts at point "Y" which is 180 degrees from point "X", going clockwise.

Kirstin, Perry, and Carrie all end up in a mega crash at Point "Z", located 45 degrees counter-clockwise from "X" during Kirstin's first circuit around the track.

If Kirstin was traveling a mere 100 km/hour. How fast were Perry and Carrie going?

BTW: No one was injured in the crash because even in cyber race-cars, everyone was wears a seat-belt.

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